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  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster
  • Hercules / Thrustmaster

Guillemot Corporation designs and manufactures interactive entertainment hardware and accessories. Specializing in the design and marketing of digital devices and accessories for PC and game consoles, the Group structures its operations around its two well-known brands: Hercules for the hardware and digital devices segment (wireless speakers for smartphones and tablets, mixing controllers for amateur and semi-pro DJs, DJ headphones, multimedia speakers, webcams…), the brand having refocused its activities to concentrate on audio products in 2013; and Thrustmaster for PC and console gaming accessories, designed for users ranging from experienced to casual gamers. Listed on the stock market since 1998 and active in this field since 1984, the Guillemot Corporation Group is currently present in eleven countries including France, Germany, the UK, Spain, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Hong Kong and Romania, and distributes its products in more than 85 countries worldwide. The Group’s mission is to offer high-performance, ergonomic products which maximize the enjoyment of digital interactive entertainment end users. The Group focuses its sales and marketing efforts on growth markets, thanks to sales forces directly located in major European countries, in order to win significant market share. The Group’s goal is to be a leader in its field by way of its two strong brands: Hercules for PC hardware, and Thrustmaster for PC and game console accessories. 



The Group's products are structured around main product lines:

  • DJing and digital music products under the Hercules brand,
  • Speaker kits for PC under the Hercules brand,
  • Webcams under the Hercules brand,
  • PC and console gaming accessories under the Thrustmaster brand.


Key figures 

2017 consolidated net sales: €80.4 million
2016 consolidated net income: €3.1 million
Current operating income: €0.6 million
Shareholders’ equity at 31/12/2016: €28.4 million
Net indebtedness (excluding marketable investment securities) at 31/12/2016: €9.1 million
Current financial assets (marketable investment securities): €15.0 million
Workforce at 31/12/2016: approximately 150 employees worldwide
Products distributed in more than 85 countries
3 logistics bases, located in France, the United States and Hong Kong
3 Research and Development centers in Europe and North America
More than 100 awards received recently in the specialized press and online publications